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In 2023 we will skip Greenland and heading the Lofoten Islands. The next KayakCrazy Greenland Expedition will be in 2024. If You would like to participate on this, give us a call or send e-mail.

How about a really special, cool summer adventure? Why not post glaciers instead of crowded beach pictures? We sunbath at Greenland . Ready to join ? 


Greenland Seakayak Expedition.
Only if you can stand the  closeness of  pure nature, and ready to encounter with the elements, icebergs. If you don’t mind  to have your dinner in a tent set up on a untouched beach by the campfire with your like-minded tourmates. 
Grönlandi tengerikajak expedíció 2015
Would you go for a real  cool adventure? Cool with its all meanings. 
If you’ve always longed for a great adventure in a small group, Greenland Seakayak Expedition is your program.
Are you tough enough to endure a week within almost nomadic conditions but  guided by  an expert?


There is no TV, no mobile coverage or wifi… just a wonderful view and power of real nature, just as  the refreshing sea and glacier water as a shower. 😉
Have you ever tried to get and prepare your own food? Do you know how to  paddle,or is it your passion ? Then you will love this extreme kayaking trip. Its also fine if  you haven’t done it yet. We’ll teach you.
Grönlandi tengerikajak expedíció 2015
The refreshing sea and glacier water as a shower. 😉
Six days of kayaking, camping, ice bathing in the fjords of Greenland full of icebergs, like this:
We’ll paddle every day when the weather conditions  allow it  (and mostly it allows it during this period). 25-30 km  will be completed per day at a comfortable pace, stopping by a  few icebergs. You will have the chance to go for shorter hikes and take some photos from the hillsides, roaming the icelabyrinth. And for the brave ones ice bath will be waiting for them to jump in. We will have a look at the 2,000 km long glacier and the smaller icebergs as they turn over.
The exact route is written together by nature and the tour guide, as it is a routine on a real expedition.
Greenland Seakayak Expedition in 2022
Greenland Seakayak Expedition in 2022
Date of Expedition: August 2024


Meeting at Reykjavík city airport


What is certain is that the flight to Greenland departs from Reykjavik city airport in Icelandic time! If you get lost or be to late, the shortest transfer between the two airports is even by taxi 50 minutes, so it’s not worth waiting until the last minute. If you miss the plane, the next flight will only start in a few days, when the rest of us will enjoy already kayaking for a long time, and you will miss not only the plane, but also the tour.
It is important that connecting flights can depart 1-2 days earlier and later, depending on which airport you arrive from. If you spend 1-2 days in Iceland, we also have a program idea for that. For example, a splash in the Blue Lagoon thermal bath. Online pre-booking is required.
Number of participants: 6 people (max.10 if necessary)
The tour will be started with a minimum of 4 participants.
How much should you calculate with?
      Tour fee: 1640 euros.
  • Professional tour guidance and equipment (kayak, vest, paddle, drysuits)
  • Rib transfer between the airport and the point of departure on Greenland. Overnight at the beginning and end of the kayaktrip in a kayak hostel.
      Travel and  fees covered individualy:
  • Travel up to flights schedule,  with an Icelandic stop and accommodation is about 2050 euros
  • Extreme sport insurance
  • Daily food is arranged individually. We will help with purchasing. There is a supermarket at the departing place.
  • Camping and hiking  equipment can be rented on Greenland, if you do not bring your own. (Pre-order necessary)
  • Fees of optional programs
Tourguide: KayakCrazyRic
Book your place as soon as possible to make sure you have a seat on the limited flight to Greenland! During this period kayaking in Greenland is popular all around the world, so I would also like to book your kayak and  equipment as soon as possible.
Requirements of participation:
For tours and workshops of 2 days or more:
  • If the tour is not made due to us or covid regulations, the tour fee will be refunded.
  • If you cancel more than 60 days before departure, the tour fee will be refunded.
  • If you cancel 59 and 30 days before the start of the program, 50% of the tour fee will be refunded.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of the program, there will be no refund, however you can transfer the tour if you find another applicant instead.

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