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What is Endurance Mission Danube Upstream?

Photo: Baranyai Edina – Kisalföld

See you at the Black Sea! – I joked when I arrived at the finish line of Endurance Mission 1.0 – Paddling Upstream.

Well, it was not a joke. I already knew that I will paddle on the whole Danube in the near future. But not like most paddlers do. You might know that my kayak’s name is “Why not?” . So why not paddle upstream on Europe’s second biggest river? 

Later I asked the big question from my girlfriend if … no, not that one. 😊 So I invited Klaudia to join me for this expedition and she surprised me with answering a big YES! immediately. No, not that yes, but anyway it made me happy. 😊

Endurance Mission - Danube Upstream
Team Endurance Mission – Danube Upstream

Paddling 2850km upstream on the Danube, from the Black Sea to the city Donaueschingen in the Black Forest, to the source of the Danube.

Ladies and Gentleman, Klaudia Kis, your Second commander is speaking (since our Captain is not really long-winded :D). 🎤 Welcome to Kayak Crazy flight from the Black Sea to the Black Forest. Our flight altitude is just the water surface, the weather…well we hope the weather will be a bit warmer soon. 😅 If you look at the Southest you can see the Danube Delta, Europe’s second biggest delta estuary. If you turn to Northwest you can see the Iron Gates, and the capitals along the Danube: Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and those two mad kayak guides that are paddling upstream without any land support. We start the descent at the end of May 2021 to Black Forest and our expected time of arrival is 1 June, 2021. Please make yourself comfortable – since you can have comfort unlike us in the tent – and enjoy the virtual journey here on the page Endurance Missions by kayakcrayric! 

Despite the usual travelling conditions our colleagues won’t serve food and drinks or sell perfumes, but we will be happy to get some if you are around the Danube bank. We also appreciate a warm hug, cheerful waving, comments, likes almost as much as a hot shower or soup. 😄

As a second commander I consider it my responsibility to co-work with nature and raise awareness on environment protection. 🌳 So between 8-10 hours of paddling and falling into the sleeping bags I will report about the current condition of river Danube just as the environment related information of it. 

Thanks for choosing the KayakCrazy team! 🙏

👆Just like my previous project, Endurance Mission 3.0 – Danube Upstream will be a charity move as well.
💜 I still support BátorTábor Foundation that provides experience based therapy for kids with cancer. Here you can buy my paddled kilometers and support the magic they do.
💚 Klaudia is committed to environment protection. She decided to promote donations to Tiszai PET Kupa, the project that already cleaned river Tisza from several tons of PET bottles. Help to  the Planet.
Our goal is to help through our achievement and performance, so we kindly ask you to send your support and donation to these amazing organizations we are paddling for.
🛶 If you still insist on tipping directly to us, you can buy us a virtual coffee here:
You can also support us with booking a kayak trip or sea kayak course at KayakCrazy.
What makes our journey even harder than the current Covid restrictions is that we have to complete all of this in the spring, in a maximum of 3 months, before the “kayaking season” begins. Let’s not even talk about having to get back to my little brother’s wedding. 😊
You will still be able to read about our journey on a daily basis on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the new challenge.
And if you feel like , you can join us at some point of our journey! We are looking forward to see you.
Thank you for following and sharing our project!
Klaudia and Ricsi

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