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Endurance Missions

Endurance Mission Paddling Upstream

ENDURANCE MISSION PADDLING UPSTREAM (Paddling home from Norway to Hungary) was my first Endurance Project. During it I got the bug, and it became my passion to make extraordinary endurance missions, mostly in kayak.
The collecting page for my projects I renamed to Endurance Missions by KayakCrazyRic.
Second Mission was Mosoni Upstream 1.0 – 2 day long upstream paddling on the river Mosoni-Danube.
Why 1.0 ? Because I plan a 100km upstream paddling Endurance Challenge to kayakers.

Endurance Mission – Mosoni100 Upstream 2.0

The third project was to paddle upstream the Danube from the Black Sea to the source.

Endurance Mission – Danube Upstream 2021

Thanks a lot if you continue to follow and share my projects!

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