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At the sea, in a kayak for a long weekend – The password: Adriatic 
Haven’t you gone abroad in years?
Did you last see the blue of the sea a thousand years ago?
Missing a real summer experience from this year before the daily work starts again?
Sea Kayaking on the Adriatic is like this.
KayakCrazy long weekend at the Adriatic
KayakCrazy tengeri kajakos hosszú hétvége az Adrián
Let’s explore the middle of Dalmatia together: the treasures of the islands of Murter and Kornati! Active recreation, roaming in the sea kayak around Tisno.
You know, the password is Adria.
KayakCrazy Adriatic Sunset
What is our plan?
The magical archipelago and bays of Murter-Kornati within reach by sea kayaking..
You can paddle around the islands Vinik Veli,Vinik Mali, Zminjak or many other small islands.
Easy trip or circumnavigation? Which one do you choose?
In the meantime, we sometimes take some refreshing swim in the Croatian Sea, and if you ask, we will polish your paddling technique, we will provide you with good advice. If this is your first kayaktrip, we’ll teach you the basics.
KayakCrazy tengeri kajakos hosszú hétvége az Adrián
How we do this?
  • We prefer small groups, with a friendly atmosphere, so we can take a maximum of 6 people with us.
  • We launch on (salt) water with stable, sea kayaks, safety equipment and an experienced sea kayak instructor.
  • We sleep in a nearby campsite, but if you wish to sleep in bed, it’s also good for us.
  • Take it easy! Like during an expedition, we’ll decide together with the team in the mornings which route to choose from the 5-6 options mentioned above. 
KayakCrazy beaching
We will paddle a maximum of 20-30 km a day, you will not be pushed to the edge, but you will  sleep well at night.

Beaching in small bays, or if you bring your snorkel gear, we can also watch fish and sea creatures.
KayakCrazy tengeri kajakos hosszú hétvége az Adrián
In this wonderful place, your waterproof camera can be used continuously, but we will also take pictures and videos of you (of course, only if you agree).

Mediterranean flavors: during the day we eat the cold food we bring with us, in the evening we can taste the specialties of the region in local restaurants.
Why to come?
Why not? It’s good to paddle with us! The Adriatic is waiting! Start packing!
KayakCrazy long weekend at the Adriatic
Meeting at 9 am in the mornings. After a short inspection and safety training,we will leave for the selected destination,
During the day we paddle, have fun, hone our paddling techniques, marvel at the treasures of the world, have lunch from kayaks and relax in secluded coves. We will arrive around 6am and if you feel like we will have dinner together.
If required, we will see you again at dawn or sunset.
Who do we recommend it to?
We can take a maximum of 6 people with us.

The tour starts with a minimum of 4 participants.

This tour fits for you if you’ve never paddled before, but even if you’ve been kayaking here and there. With basic endurance, anyone will feel good.
Tour fee includes:
  • Sea kayaks and equipment: safety vest, paddles, sprayskirt, small waterproof bag on request.
  • An experienced sea kayak instructor 
  • Beginners insight into kayaking and safety training.
  • Extra kayaking at dawn or sunset on request.
To be managed individually:
  • Travel and accommodation in Croatia 
  • Extreme sports insurance
  • Everyone organizes their daily food individually, we help you with your purchase. There is a supermarket on site.
  • Admissions for possible optional programs.
Tourguide: KayakCrazyRic

Application deadline: until the start of the tour

The tour starts with a minimum of 4 participants.

Conditions for participation:
For tours and workshops of 2 days or more:
  • If the tour is not made due to us or covid regulations, the tour fee will be refunded.
  • If you cancel more than 60 days before departure, the tour fee will be refunded.
  • If you cancel 59 and 30 days before the start of the program, 50% of the tour fee will be refunded.
  • If you cancel less than 30 days before the start of the program, there will be no refund, however you can transfer the tour if you find another applicant instead.

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🇬🇧 Hands up🙋‍♀️ if you know of any better partner rescue techniques! 🤣At our seakayak partner and self-rescue workshops you can try at least 5 other fast and safe solutions that surely works on wavy sea and cold water as well.If you also would like to be prepared to avoid capsizeing check the comments for the event links!🇭🇺 Kezeket fel🙋‍♂️, aki tud jobb társmentési technikát! 😆Tengerikajak workshop-jainkon legalább öt gyors és biztonságos társ- és önmentési technikát próbálhatsz ki, amelyek garantáltan működnek hullámos tengeren és hideg vízben is.Ha szeretnél még a borulás megelőzésére is felkészülni, betettük neked kommentbe a következő workhshopok linkjét! See MoreSee Less
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