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KayakCrazy Moskenes Island Circumnavigation – Extreme Kayaking in the Wild West of the Lofoten Islands…

  • Lofoten
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Date: In August 2025
The exact date will be published after flighttimetable is avaible

Number of participants: 4-6

Moskenes Island Circumnavigation – what You need to know about:

In 2019, the Lofotodden National Park was created, covering the entire west coast of the island, which is feared of its steep cliffs and remote beaches,difficult to reach by the seaside. This tour is not recommended for beginner kayakers. Weather conditions can change easily and very fast, very unpleasant and even dangerous. Winds from the mountains, swells reflected from the cliffs, generate real rodeo conditions. The beaches, the only landing points are surfing spots, You can meet 1-2m high waves. Even the more experienced kayakers can be surprised if they have never been in such conditions. It is not without reason that it is called the Wild West by kayakers.

Anyone who comes here can instantly experience the harsh conditions of the North. In one minute there is 20 degrees with sunshine, another minute rainy, windy, with 5 degrees. You can leave your summer clothes at home, for sure!

It’s a home location for me, I’ve lived , kayaked, worked as a kayak guide here for years, and I’m almost a local. I speak Norwegian …

Short Clip from 2023 Expedition

KayakCrazy Moskenes Island Circumnavigation Schedule:

Individual departure

To Bodø by plane.

From Bodø Airport to Bodø Ferry Port walking / by bus /by taxi

3 hours to Moskenes by Ferry

Day 0.:

Taking a bus from Moskenes to Ramberg. Meeting at Ramberg beach.
Shopping in the foodstore, filling up our provision, getting to know each other and the equipment, trial packing.
Day 1.:

Last chance to shop before departure. We start the tour.
Paddling from Ramberg Beach to Kvalvika Beach. About 18-20km. There are 2 stops on the way, but nothing during the last 9km, until Kvalvika. The route passes steep cliffs, from here it is spectacular and remote, full of dangers. Almost zero signal strength, stops only every 10km on surfing beaches.
The steep rock walls of the western part

There are some caves on this part, where we can paddle in with kayaks in quieter conditions. Not everyone knows these places, luckily I do! ?
Overnight: free camping at Kvalvika beach, in a tent or under the open sky! Don’t forget, the sun won’t go down!
Day 2.:

We continue to paddle Kvalvika – Horseidvika: about 10km
Then, after a short break, Horseidvika-Bunesvika: approx. 8km
Overnight on a beach in a tent.
Day 3.:

It will be a strong paddling day, at the southern horn of Lofoten we can meet The Mosken, a very strong tidal current.
Bunesvika – Refsvika: about 20km
Refsvika – Moskenes: about 20km.

It is planned to spend the night in the camp in Moskenes, in tents.
Day 4.:

Moskenes-Reine-Sund… 18-30km (Depending on how long extra distance we take in the Reinefjord)
Possibility to shop in Reine if our food reserve became short..
Reinefjord , Moskenes-island
After paddling in the fabulous Reine Fjord we will head to Sund, where we will have our last campsite.
Day 5.:

Sund-Ramberg approx.11 km. We’ll pass through a small channel called Sundstrømen, where the tidal flow can reach 12 km / h. With good timing, it could be beneficial! Otherwise You can paddle against the flood! Believe me, I’ve been there!

At Ramberg beach should end our journey. Overnight at the campsite. Farewell evening on a beach.

Day 6: Spare Day

Man proposes, Lofoten disposes! The weather is very variable! Depending on the weather forecast, the daily distance may need to be increased, or we need to reduce it. Moreover, in some cases, we need to consider to changing the route. In this case, we make daily tours in more protected, but still spectacular locations, maybe with more trekking. The experience will definitely be similar!
It is worth calculating at least one, but rather two extra days. If the tour goes according to our plan , then this day(s) can be taken for trekking: to Vollandstinden, Reinebringen, or to other peaks… surfing on nearby surfing beaches… or for sightseeing in the villages of Reine, Hamnøya,or Å.
Days 7-8.:

Traveling home individually: Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get home in one day!
Tourguide: KayakCrazyRic

Price for the KayakCrazy Moskenes Island Circumnavigation

comming with the Price at the end of 2024

To join put it into basket

What’s in the price:
  • Sea kayak guide with local experience, who speaks Englisch , German, Norwegian and Hungarian
  • Sea kayak equipment (single sea kayak, paddle, sprayskirt, vest, wetsuit) for the duration of the tour

What’s not in it the price:
  • travel to the destination: plane, ferry, bus, taxi… (As sooner you book your ticket, as greater is the opportunity to find cheaper deals)
  • food
  • accommodation in campsites
  • entry tickets for optional programs
  • travel insurance which also covers water sport

What you need to bring with you:

The average temperature in Lofoten is 12 degrees Celsius in summer . Bring a proper sleeping bag and clothes.
  • Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, airmat, gas cooker (I can buy the gas bottle for You ), pots,dishes…
  • drybags ( for your sleeping bag,reserve clothes, madrass…)
  • First aid kit with your medication
  • 10L water tank (recommended bag type, which is easier to pack in a kayak)

What you are recommended to bring with you:
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Food for 5-6 Days: Recommended vacuum packed hams, dry sausage, bacon, oats, dried fruits and seeds, raw marzipan, chocolate…
  • Map of Moskenes Island, usually available at Ramberg’s shop or at the Tourist office.
  • Sun cream
  • Hat to protect yourself from the sun or a helmet for sea kayaking
  • Neoprene gloves, Neoprene hoodies, neoprene shoes
  • Anything else you need and get it into the kayak! Gopro camera, waterproof case for mobile, camera, solar charger, powerbank…
Requirements for participation:
In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it would be worthwhile to paddle together before the departure, even in Szigetköz, where we could meet and evaluate the technical level of the participants. This trial is free.
If you are unsure, it is worth taking the basic course with me! Of course this is not included in the price, it has to be paid extra. Normally 260 Euro / person, it depends on the location! (See under Courses.) If you participate in the tour, you will receive a discount on the price of the course!
If you do not take part in the trial or the course, and only at the last minute, on the spot, we figure out that your technical knowledge is not enough, so to the disadvantage of the other participants we have to modify the whole tour. We always adjust the route to the level of the weakest kayaker!
If you have any health problems, you should tell me prior to the tour. I will keep this information confidential.

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