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Mosoni 100 Kayak Challenge
 Mosoni 100 kajakos teljesítménytúra
If you want a challenge but feel the Mosoni 100 Upstream is still too big, come to the Mosoni 100!
On the 20th May, we will paddle on the 1-day 100 km kayak endurance tour “MOSONI 100” between Rajka and Győr as a kind of semi-organized and already traditional trip.
If you feel motivated, join us!

We don’t ask for an entry fee, we don’t measure time, but if you want, you can! 😉

There are no categories, but please don’t participate in boat or motorboat! 🙂

The only thing that matters here is getting to the finish line! Level time to be completed: 12 hours.

It is also important that only those sign up, who have paddled a similar distance before, or who are sure that they can paddle all the way to finish, because there will be neither sweeping nor towing boats! 🙂
It won’t be a gastro tour, we usually only have a few minute “pit-stops” for a quick recharge.

There are no designated rest areas, everyone stops where they want!
Start: Rajka Aranykárász kemping 7 AM
Finish: Győr Aranypart, Hungary at 7:00 p.m. (we return to the start at about 8)
Date: 07.05.2022.
Mosoni 100 kajakos teljesítménytúra

Conditions of participation:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Everyone uses their own equipment.
  • Proper use of the vest is mandatory. Wests cannot stored it in the kayak, everyone must wear them during the whole tour.
  • Alcohol consumption during and immediately before the tour is prohibited! After arriving at the destination, as you like! 🙂
  • Signed statement of individually responsibility
Mosoni 100 kajakos teljesítménytúra
Application deadline:
Application: add the product to basket and follow instructions:
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Since we’ll also be on the water, we can help you get back after the tour just to a limited extent: if there is a need, we can arrange the transport of 10 kayaks and 2 people. (We cannot transport canoes!) If you would like it, let us know in advance and we will discuss the details. You can also get to Rajka from Győr by train, we will help you get to the campsite from the railway station in Rajka after we have parked the trailer full of kayaks at the campsite. If the participants agree, we will introduce them before the tour, so those coming from the same neighborhood can solve the logistics themselves.

We welcome adventure-seeking IRONKAYAKERS! 😉

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