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Mosoni 100 Kayak Challenge
 Mosoni 100 kajakos teljesítménytúra
If you want a challenge but feel the Mosoni 100 Upstream is still too big, come to the Mosoni 100!
1-day kayak challenge on the 100 km stretch of the romantic Mosoni – Danube.
Distance: 100km
Start: Rajka Aranykárász kemping
Finish: Győr aranypart, Hungary

Date: 07.05.2022.


 Only solo kayaks can participate in the competition:

  • Men’s PE tour and sea kayak
  • Women’s PE tour and sea kayak
  • Men’s Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass tour and sea kayak
  • Women’s Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass tour and sea kayak
Mosoni 100 kajakos teljesítménytúra
Conditions of participation:
  • Betöltött 18 életév.
  • MAt least 18 years old.
  • Everyone uses their own equipment.
  • To ensure that the competitors start under the same conditions, everyone must carry all the necessary equipment for the whole tour: food, drinking water (minimum 6 liters)! We also check this before the start. Nobody is allowed to start the race with an empty kayak.
  • Proper use of the vest is mandatory. Wests cannot stored it in the kayak, everyone must wear them during the whole tour.
  • Signed statement of individually responsibility
Mosoni 100 kajakos teljesítménytúra
Number of participants:
max.12 people

Application deadline:

until the number of participants is reached, but not later than 26.04.2022.
Application: add the product to basket and follow instructions:
Entry fee includes:
  • timing is provided
  • you get a kayak start number
  • at the end of the race, all competitors’ kayaks will be returned to the starting point .
  • at the finish line a bowl of warm food and a refreshing drink

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6 days ago

🇭🇺 Tegnap kikapcsolódásként mi mást is csinálhattam volna? 🤪 Feltöltődtem az ébredező természet ringatózó ölén. 😊Üdvözöltek a vidrák, mókusok és őzikék, igazi ibolya illatfelhőben úsztam. Ha szeretnéd Te is átélni, jelentkezz az Ébredő Zátonyi túránkra. (Link a kommentben) 🇬🇧What else could I do yesterday as chillout?🤪 I recharged myself in the awakening nature.Otters, chipmunks, deers welcomed me on the trip, I paddled in the cloud of violet fragrance. If you would like to enjoy it, sign at our Awakening Zátonyi Kayaktrip. ( Link in the comment) See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

🇹🇯 Márciusban végre medencében is megszervezzük az ESZKIMÓ FORDULÓ WORKSHOPot. Gyere és tanuld meg te is a leggyorsabb önmentési technikát kényelmesen, medencében, Budapest közelében, igazán családias hangulatban!A workshopra max. 8 főt tudunk fogadni, ezért jelezd nekünk az alábbi linken mihabarabb, hogy számíthatunk rád! szeretettel várunk!🇬🇧 Finnaly we hold a kayakroll workshop in the pool in March. Kayakroll is the fastest self-rescue techniqe, so it’s time to learn it before the season comfortably in pool nearby Budapest!Places are limited, if you need prior information to be in the 8 applicants, please help us with your contact information below! forward to roll with you!#kayaking #kajak #eszkimofordulo #kayakroll See MoreSee Less
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🇬🇧 Last day of 2022 spent on water, how else?! 🤪🤣Happy New Year! 🎉🍾#alcoholfreechampagneSee You in 2023. 😉🇭🇺 2022 utolsó napja hogy másképp telhetett volna, naná hogy vízen. 🤪🤣Búék! 🍾🎉 #gyerekpezsgőTalálkozunk 2023-ban. 😉 See MoreSee Less
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