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Endurance Mission- Mosoni100Upstream2.0

Endurance Mission-Mosoni100Upstream 2.0

Would you try yourself  how KayakCrazy you are? How durable are you?
Come and paddle on the 100 km section of the Mosoni-Danube, not in the usual way, but upstream. Only the most determined can accomplish this in 2 days. Are you one of them?
Endurance Mission-Mosoni100Upstream 2.0
2-day extreme survival endurance kayak tour upstream on the 100 km section of the Mosoni-Danube. Completely self-supporting expedition style tour.

   Day 1:  Győr aranypart – Kimle

   Day 2:  Kimle  –  Rajka Aranykárász kemping

Only solo kayaks can participate in the competition:
  • Men’s PE tour and sea kayak
  • Women’s PE tour and sea kayak
  • Men’s Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass tour and sea kayak
  • Women’s Carbon, Kevlar, Fiberglass tour and sea kayak
Endurance Mission-Mosoni100Upstream 2.0
Conditions of participation:
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Everyone uses their own equipment.
  • Completed qualification tour.
  • The 3 best results in each category
  • To ensure that the competitors start under the same conditions, everyone must carry all the necessary equipment for the whole tour: tent, sleeping bag, etc. food, drinking water (minimum 6 liters)! We also check this before the start. Nobody is allowed to start the race with an empty kayak. We exclude those who accept  land assistance.
  • Proper use of the vest is mandatory. Wests cannot stored it in the kayak, everyone must wear them during the whole tour.
  • Signed statement of individually responsibility
Endurance Mission-Mosoni100Upstream 2.0
Number of participants: max.12 people
 Kayakers with the 12 best results on the qualification tour (The first 3 best results per category. If there is no total number in the category, the next best results in the other categories will take place) can take part in the 2-day endurance tour.

Endurance Mission-Mosoni100Upstream 2.0 Qualification :

Number of participants at the qualification tours: max. 30 persons
Anyone can apply for qualification tours, anyone can try it, even in two-person kayaks, but they do not take part in the competition.
Participants in the qualification competition need to start under the same conditions as on the 2-day endurance tour: with full packed kayaks!

Date of Qualification: 23.04.2022


  • Without  competition: 5000 HUF
  • With time measurement, start number: 15000 HUF
    • this will qualify you for Mosoni Upstream 2.0
    • timing is provided
    • you get a kayak start number
    • at the end of the race, all competitors’ kayaks will be returned to the starting point at the same time.
    • at the finish line a bowl of warm food and a refreshing drink (both at the qualifying and main event)
The top 3 finishers in each category of the qualifcation rounds can take part in the 2-day competition.
Application deadline: 06. 04. 2022


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